12 Idols Who’s Attempted Dangerous Starvation Diets — Koreaboo

These 12 diets idols attempted   are not likely to be advocated by dieticians.

Even though the diets might  have abandoned them slimmer, odds are the diets could have taken a toll on their health too.  

The idols recorded here have acknowledged that their diets were dangerous and don’t suggest them to anybody.  

1. Soyou

Soyou has followed a   “one-meal-a-day” diet. Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In and the Hyosung of Secret have also  followed the same diet.

2.  IU

The nationally acclaimed singer confessed on a show that her 3 meals every day consisted of an apple for breakfast, one sweet potato for lunch, and one protein shake for supper. Fans concerned about her or her eating too small.

3.  Global Icon — OneKet

Rookie girl group Global Icon’s OneKet lived an whole month by drinking a bottle of soymilk per day. Global Icon’s entertainment firm said that she dropped 9 kg (19.8416 lbs) in one month in preparation for their introduction.

4. UEE

Uee maintains a very lean and toned body and several people always show fascination into the way she moves. She calls it the “1000kcal diet”.

You’re permitted to eat anything you want through the day, so long as the 1000kcal limit is not surpassed by the close of the day. (This really is half the recommended amount of daily calorie intake)

5.  2AM — Changmin

Changmin used to weigh over 100 kg (220.462 lbs).

He’s now known for rocking a sexy, ripped figure after  eating just two blocks of tofu and functioning 6 hours every day.


One of their most remarkable transformations definitely was from BIGBANG’s T.O.P, that reportedly lost 20 pound (44.0925  lbs) in 40 days.

For a  full week, he just drank water and ate yanggaeng, a candy jelly made from red beans. Huge quantities of exercise helped him lose weight.

7. SISTAR — Dasom

Dasom revealed that she moved on a “one food diet” and only ate cucumbers to lose 10kg in 3 months. While going on a raw is excellent for your health, it is only suggested for a period of time.


It’s rumored that the group consumed nothing but water for many days leading up to their introduction.

Lots of netizens and fans criticized this greatly but no proof was given as to if these allegations are true or not.