Raw Recipes For Kids

Are you ready to incorporate more raw vegan foods into your childrens diet? Are you looking for raw food meals and snacks that go beyond carrot sticks and trail mix? Are you a raw or mostly raw parent that is having trouble getting the kids on board? Well, you are in the right place. Eating raw with your kids just got a whole lot easier!!

The raw foods movement is picking up more steam everyday. Why? Because raw foods are packed with the living enzymes and unadulterated nutrients everyone needs for optimum health. Raw food eaters are proclaiming that they are healthier, more energized, and more alive than ever before. Not only are they looking and feeling better on raw foods, they are healing bodies that were diseased and sick after many years of unhealthy eating habits.

You want your kids to get a healthy start in life without falling prey to the Standard American Diet (SAD). Adding raw foods to the family dinner table can help them to build the foundation for good health that will follow them into adulthood. One of the most common complaints we hear from raw food newbies is that they are unsure about how to get started and what to eat. A life of nothing but salad and trail mix sounds depressing and parents know that this just wont do for kids…not if you want them to enjoy raw foods and keep eating them. And why do they need raw foods? Because cooking kills 50% of the nutrients in food and ALL of the enzymes. By cooking foods you are rendering them half as healthy as they could be. Start giving your kids the healthiest and most nutrient rich food you can…in its raw state. The Recipes for Raw Kids e-book was designed to give you some fresh, delicious menu ideas.

Raw Recipes Are for Everyone

You dont have to know anything about raw foods to be able to follow these recipes. You dont even need to go 100% raw! A raw foods diet does not have to be all or nothing. EVERYONE can benefit from adding even just a little more raw foods to their diet.

Our recipes were designed with kids in mind. Of course this doesnt mean that adults wont love every bite…it just ensures that kids will too!

We also realize that you may not have some of the preferred raw foods kitchen equipment that makes some of our raw dishes possible, like a dehydrator. The opening section of the book helps you sort it all out with tips and advice.

These recipes help ensure that your kids are getting adequate nutrition – fruits, greens, fiber, protein, and all of the nutrients their growing bodies need. They are also delicious, kid tested and approved. If you have picky eaters you may especially love our green smoothie recipes, as they cleverly disguise those all important greens. Your kids will love the taste and they are so nutritious they can serve as a meal replacement. For parents concerned about nutritional supplementation we have some suggestions for you too.